Tailbone Injuries

At Dr. Anthony Obert’s Whole Health Chiropractic practice in Nampa, we assist patients struggling with pain in their spinal columns, including their tailbones. As is the case anywhere else in the spine, injuries and pressure in the tailbone can pinch nerves, which, due to the tailbone’s position, may result in sciatica.

The tailbone, also known as the coccyx, is actually made up of several vertebrae and ligaments fused together into one structure. Pain in the tailbone is scientifically known as coccydynia. One of the most common causes of tailbone injuries is horseback riding, although childbirth, biking, and sports mishaps can cause bruising, as well. The pain is usually worse when the patient is seated.

Imaging tests such as digital x-rays help us to determine the nature of the patient’s injury, and if the patient complains of sciatica, it is important for us to know the location of the pinched nerve. The tailbone can be adjusted. While healing, patients should sit on ring-shaped pillows to avoid putting additional pressure on it and should practice therapeutic exercises which strengthen their pelvic floor.

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