Warm-Up Stretches

Whole Health Chiropractic in Nampa offers treatment for athletes of all ages, and anyone exercising should know how to properly warm up. Often, pulled muscles and tendons can be avoided if stretches are done in the proper order.

The most important thing to know about warm-ups is to never start with a static stretch. Arm circles, jogging in place, lunges, and butt-kicks are dynamic stretches; they require movement and get the blood flowing to the part of the body being targeted during the workout. But static stretches, which require a person to maintain a difficult pose for a set time, could cause muscles to tighten up. A person could even hurt themselves by stretching a muscle while still “cold.” Most people require about five to ten minutes to be properly warmed up.

Static stretches do have a place in a workout, but they are best left until the cool-down phase. The body will be plenty loose by that point and cool-down stretches will help keep it that way.

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