Sleep Positions for Spinal Health

Thanks to increased awareness of chiropractic among the public, many people are now fixing bad posture at work. However, there is another period of several hours every day during which people may unknowingly be hurting their backs: when they’re asleep. At Whole Health Chiropractic, we commonly see patients suffering from back strain, and want them to get better rest.

The sleep position which most benefits peoples’ spinal health is on their backs with a pillow under their heads. This will keep their spine aligned and pressure off their internal organs. The downside is that gravity is working against their airways. People who sleep on their backs commonly suffer from sleep apnea and snoring because the soft tissue of their throats sags.

People suffering from sleep apnea sometimes try sleeping on their stomachs to reduce snoring. But doing this forces the head backward and to the side. It also extends the lumbar region of the lower back, making it the worst sleep position for spinal health.

Most sleep specialists recommend sleeping on the side. If this is a change, it may be helpful to use a full-length body pillow to cushion the knees and keep the rest of the body in place. It is healthy to sleep with the knees slightly drawn up, but not in a fetal position, and not with the head bent toward the chest.

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