Lifting Safety

One of the most common causes of acute back injuries we treat at Whole Health Chiropractic in Nampa is improper lifting. Physical laborers are trained to lift objects in as safe a manner as possible, but people doing yard work or whose jobs don’t regularly require them to do move things often do not know how to do so properly, so we wanted to provide some guidance.

Don’t carry anything you don’t have to; you’re never wrong to request use of a dolly. Before picking something up, feel it to get a sense of its weight and whether it’s heavier on one side than another. Keep the path between you and the destination clear and plan exactly where you will put the object down before picking it up. Crouch down as close to the object as possible and propel yourself upward with your leg muscles. Keep your head up and the object in front of you against your ribs.

Walk slowly. Don’t twist your torso in a different direction from your pelvis and don’t make sudden, jerky movements. Be able to see where you are going and when you reach the destination, deposit the object in a position so that it will be easy to pick up again.

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