Spinal Curvature in Elderly Patients

At Whole Health Chiropractic, we don’t believe there ever comes a point when people need to accept a low quality of life. One of the questions people most commonly ask chiropractors is why people stoop over in old age. There are a few reasons, but none are inevitable.

Osteoporosis is usually the culprit. This disease is characterized by tiny cracks in bone tissue. The cracks are typically acquired through small, everyday actions and don’t hurt enough for the patient to think they have a broken bone. But people who have osteoporosis are likely to experience more than one crack, and when enough cracks develop in the vertebrae, the backbones begin to collapse. This causes older people to lose height in addition to causing them to stoop.

The best way to prevent osteoporosis is by maintaining good nutrition and posture. For people at risk, there are therapeutic exercises which can help to mitigate the damage. Spinal curvature can be painful, but we help patients manage it through chiropractic manipulations.

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