Spinal Stenosis

Pinched nerves are one of our primary concerns at Whole Health Chiropractic in Nampa, and spinal stenosis is one of the biggest risk factors. This term describes the narrowing of the spinal channel, potentially putting pressure on the spinal nerves at the neck or in the lumbar region.

Some people have a genetic predisposition toward developing bone spurs inside their spines. When spurs develop in the lower, lumbar region, patients may develop sciatica. This causes pain or numbness in their legs and contributes to poor bowel control. Spinal spurs in the neck, or cervical region, can cause pain or weakness throughout the body and a tingling sensation in the arms.

Bone spurs are not the only reason why the spinal channel may get narrower; degeneration of discs and cartilage may also be to blame. Dr. Oberti will conduct imaging and tactile tests to determine the reason for the patient’s stenosis. Treatment plans usually include physical therapy and manual adjustments.

Dr. Anthony J. Oberti operates Whole Health Chiropractic at 430 W Iowa Ave #A, Nampa, Idaho, 83686. To schedule an appointment, visit WholeHealthNampa.com or call 208-442-1123.



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