Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Dr. Anthony Oberti and Whole Health Chiropractic have a pain solution for every patient.  Electrical muscle stimulation is recommended for patients with muscle or soft tissue injuries because it reduces pain and swelling and can reduce overall recovery time.  When disease or injury occurs, a body’s natural electric current is disrupted.  Electric muscle stimulation mimics the electrical current that occurs naturally in a healthy body. 

For the treatment, electrodes are placed directly on the skin in the affected area and the machine is turned on.  The gentle current causes the muscles to contract and relax, which relieves pain and can release locked up muscles.  These contractions also trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s most powerful natural pain reliever.  Most patients describe the treatment feeling like a tingling sensation and aren’t uncomfortable during the process. The treatments are short in length and can be scheduled over a series of weeks.

To learn more about electric muscle stimulation and all the services provided by Whole Health Chiropractic, visit http://www.wholehealthnampa.com for more information. To schedule an appointment at Whole Health Chiropractic in Nampa, ID, call 208-442-1123.


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